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April and May donations to Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, Beverly Bootstraps

Missed writing a post for the last donation, but proud to say we are still donating as usual. For April, BHH donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester in the amount of around $240, and for May, BHH donated to Beverly Bootstraps in the amount of $230.

The Worcester Boys and Girls Club is a well known afterschool and community program for kids in the city of Worcester, MA and we feel Bharti would have liked to support such programs as someone who loved kids. Beverly Bootstraps is an organization that provides food assistance, housing help and other services to help families get back on their feet. Bharti was someone who had faced hardship and was always determined to help her family through that hardship when times are tough, which is why we think she would have wanted to support an organization like Beverly Bootstraps as well.

As always we hoped these donations were bigger, but crypto has seen a coordinated attack by the government that sweeps up both good and bad actors. We think it'll still be here to stay for a long time, and we intend to continue donating as long as possible.



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