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Final donation to ETH Evacuations of $1,760

Happy Mother's Day, BHH has been away / inactive since last July for a few reasons that I will expand on, but today we made our final donation for a while to ETH Evacuations of $1,760 or 0.6 ETH. This operation is run by a woman with contacts in Gaza to evacuate families and children to safety through the Rafah crossing. There is currently a genocide happening in Palestine, and whatever your opinions on its politics, it is clear that kids and families are dying unnecessarily. It costs the amount donated to secure crossing for a child, and we know Bharti would have wanted for as many of these kids to escape and get to live their lives.

As for BHH's absence, there has been significant movement in the government to clamp down on crypto, and consider anyone, especially those that facilitate and earn fees from swaps as unregistered money transmitters. Being deemed this is extremely onerous. The operator for BHH has also received IRS letters against the donations made. More recently the FBI has also warned Americans from "using cryptocurrency money transmitting services that are not registered as Money Services Businesses (MSB) according to United States federal law (31 U.S.C. § 5330; 31 CFR §§ 1010; 1022) and do not adhere to anti-money laundering requirements." which unfortunately the vast majority of dexes do not conform to as they have no way of doing KYC.

Never mind the fact that less than 1% of illicit activity is caught by traditional finance/banking KYC rules. What this is, is a targeted political persecution because the US government considers this disintermediating technology a threat to the dominance of its warrantless financial surveillance regime of financial rails.

For this reason, this donation is titled the "final" donation, but we hope to find a way to continue BHH and its mission to remember Bharti Patil by donating in her name to good causes with earned cash flows from crypto activity indefinitely.

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