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December Donation to 4KIDS

It's finally time for the second monthly payment by Bharti's Helping Hands. For this payment we put up a poll on the main page, and have 8 people vote, with 5 voting to donate to 4KIDS, a foster care and services non-profit in South Florida that helps provide foster homes, helps older kids live independently and provides spaces for family/community for them.

Votes for December Payment
Votes for December Payment

Bharti would have liked work done by organizations like this, she was a caring mother to not only her own son but really any child that wanted or needed it amongst her friends, extended family and patients.

For the month of November, BHH earned ~2 ETH ($8,487.82) in yield, 1.3 ETH will be added to capital assets to boost future donations, and 0.7 ETH ($2,972.45) will be donated to 4KIDS, Inc. directly.

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