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Happy Holidays from Bharti's Family

It's that happy time of year, and we miss Bharti. The fund has been doing quite well in yield, so we decided to do an early donation in time for the holidays. In the first 24 days in December, BHH earned a whopping 3.54 ETH, or $14,552 in yield. This funded two donations:

One to Feeding America's Hungry Children of $2,011, where the money will provide food for several children for the month.

and another $2,011 to the Pancreatic Cancer Cure Foundation which will go to help research a cure for Pancreatic cancer, the disease that took Bharti from us all.

The rest of the yield will be compounded to provide bigger future rewards. Bharti loved feeding everyone, and had great courage in the face of her late stage Pancreatic cancer diagnosis. We hope these donations honor those qualities of Bharti, and wish everyone happy and safe holidays with their families.

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