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January Donation to Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

As January comes to a close, its time again to donate some of the yield earned by Bharti's Helping Hands. The crypto asset market is in turmoil, and so this month's donation is on the lighter side both due to reduced yield and the reduced value of Ethereum, the main currency used by BHH to submit donations via TheGivingBlock.

For January, even with the 50% draw down in crypto markets, BHH still managed to earn about ~1.5 ETH, or around $3,960.48. 0.54 of this ETH, or around $1,449 will be donated to the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights. While this is a smaller donation than we would have liked, BHH needs to protect capital to ensure a continued source of donations for a long time to come.

Bharti was an immigrant, and we know Bharti would want to help the unfortunate children who are caught in our currently broken system of immigration. These kids are often terrified as they go through the asylum, detention and even deportation proceedings. Young Center provides support for these kids through said processes, helps them find family and crucially fights for reform to the system. These are all things we think Bharti would consider worthwhile fights to fight.

We wish everyone a good start to a better year.


Bharti's Helping Hands

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