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March Donation to Hearts & Homes for Refugees

BHH had a better month in March, and earned about 2 ETH, or around $6,356 in yield. March brought about terrible scenes and news from the ongoing devastation of war in Ukraine, with tens of thousands of refugees having to abandon their homes and seek safety in places like Poland.

Hearts and Homes for Refugees has deployed teams in Poland to help Ukrainians having to leave their own homes, and have similar programs in many other places, like Afghanistan, where their help is needed.

Bharti would have wanted to help in situations like this, and always warmly welcomed folks in her home. She dreamed of providing a heart and home to others by painstakingly investing time and effort into starting her own adult day care. Because of that, we chose Hearts and Homes for Refugees for March's donation in the amount of $2,224.82 (0.7 ETH).

Remember to take care of people when they most need it, and if you have plenty, it is your responsibility to share the wealth with those who find themselves in tougher times.


Bharti's Helping Hands

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