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November donation to Many Hopes

For the month of November, BHH donated to the Many Hopes organization, a charity that operates to solve the same problem Exodus Road, last month's recipient. Many Hopes strategy centers around essentially handing survivors of child slavery in Africa and South America the resources to save others trapped in the same situations they escaped. It also partners with organizations like schools and universities to give rescued kids education and resources. Perhaps the most striking thing is that many of those on staff are previously rescued kids who work to rescue others. This is why BHH has donated 0.266 ETH, or $336.25 to Many Hopes.

In the crypto world, an extreme amount of volatility caused by the FTX collapse has driven down prices, as contagion from opaque centralized entities connected to FTX in any way spread. However, BHH was relatively unaffected other than the price of ETH dropping, in fact the added activity from the ensuing panic from the FTX debacle boosted returns from increased volume of trading on decentralized exchanges like GMX. Despite the pronouncements of the death of crypto, true DeFi continues to chug along unaffected, and so we also remain optimistic that BHH will continue to donate and grow into the future.



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