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October donation to The Exodus Road

November is a tough month for Bharti's family, marking a full year since she passed. She was a strong person who always thought of others, she fought through immense pain in her final days to lighten the hearts of her family. She never complained about what she was going through, and always made sure to appreciate those who were caring for her.

Similarly, we must remember to be mindful of and care for those who are often forgotten, and those who have been dealt worse hands so that we can reduce the pain and suffering in the world and achieve measurable good. For that reason, October's donation of $330.53 from BHH will go the Exodus Road, a non-profit that focuses on effective ways to combat modern-day slavery and human trafficking of children / young adults via direct efforts in investigations and building cases as well as providing after care to those they rescue.

Take time to think of and help someone who most everyone else has forgotten to appreciate or help.



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