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September donation to Upbring Better Childhood Endowment Fund

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September donation to Upbring Better Childhood Endowment Fund

Nearing the full year mark since Bharti's untimely passing, BHH donated 0.24 ETH, or $311, to Upbring's Better Childhood Endowment fund for its September donation.

Upbring serves over 30,000 people each year who are recovering from sexual abuse, abuse, and neglect through a combination of health, safety, vocation, education and life skill-oriented interventions. While the organization has been providing social services for over 137 years, they are one of the few nonprofits in the nation that has an innovation lab dedicated to solving systemic problems and individual needs through new technology like blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, predictive analytics, VR and more.

As a dedicated mother, we think Bharti would have been happy to support the work Upbring has done. As we look forward, BHH is excited for many changes, the first of which may be apparent to some on the home page of the site. BHH will be moving to a more transparent way of operating, via a vault smart contract that more consistently compounds capital via providing liquidity to GMX, a decentralized leverage perpetuals exchange. Crucially, this will soon enable others to donate to BHH and help grow our capital base and increase donation sizes as we go through the crypto bear market.



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